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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Houston and a Drop-In at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta

Hey y'all. Last week I was in Houston for a program monitoring site visit with some grant officers. I didn't realize how stressed I was about it until it started going well. I don't think they're taking my money away just yet.

Because it's totally normal to weigh your sashimi at the sushi bar. I love going to Oishii whenever I'm in Houston.

I didn't workout Wednesday through Friday and it began to drive me crazy. I should have gone to the gym instead of the hotel bar on Wednesday night. Oops.

This was last Tuesday's workout. I used 115# for the walking lunges. My butt cheeks hurt for days. The WOD came from Training Think Tank. My coach and resident CrossFit Identity badass Breona Evans was at TTT's Games training camp and she came in second with a time of 9:08 Rx. I finished in 9:20 Rx and I was so damn proud of myself. I did everything unbroken except for the last 100 doubleunders. I split those 70-30 because my arms were tensing up and I knew I was going to miss anyway. I think it's better to come to a controlled stop rather than flagellate yourself, but that's just me.

On Saturday I dropped in at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta for their bring-a-friend class. As you can see, the movements themselves are not challenging, but it can certainly suck if you're going at high intensity. My partner told me he was going to do one whole round and then I was going to go. I gently smiled at him and said that was probably not the best approach, but that he should get on the rower and just let me know when it was my turn to do a movement. Exactly 25 calories later, it was my turn. Womp womp.

We had a great time and I am so happy that he seems to be loving CrossFit. CrossFit has brought such joy to my life and given me such a great community. Speaking of community, the folks at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta are freaking awesome. They invited me to their Christmas party later that night and I had such a good time that I slept through my own CrossFit Christmas party the following day. That also might have had something to do with the wine I enjoyed for breakfast.

I thought this was so sweet and I don't even really like soup. It's homemade beef vegetable. NBD.

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