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My excessive energy, extreme narcissism, and intense love of neon-colored spandex is both managed and fueled by my addiction to fitness. I push myself to extremes and I push other people's buttons. Obviously I needed my own blog.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Monthly Progress Photos: February 2019

I'm trying something a little different this year because Weight Loss Wednesday posts started to become a pain in the ass. My dogs weren't cool with waiting for potty time each week while I weighed myself, measured my body fat, and changed into my bathing suit for progress photos. If I took them out first, I inevitably forgot to take measurements and/or photos, or started drinking coffee, which throws off measurements and photos. Now I do all that jazz on the first of the month. I weigh myself most mornings and take a simple progress photo that I store in MyFitnessPal.

These are many January 1 to February 1 comparison photos. I weighed 152.8 lbs on January 1 and 151.6 lbs a month later. My Omron recorded my body fat percentage as 23.9% on both days. I don't put much stock in that thing because it can be heavily impacted by hydration and sodium intake, but it's good for keeping an eye on trends.

My arms look bigger and my bed is made this month so I'm declaring this a win!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Knowing Science Stuff is Neat

This morning I woke up and decided it wasn't a good day for me to go to CrossFit. I was sore from yesterday's Strongman training and I burned my finger cooking last night. Heavy hang cleans were probably not going to help me feel better. I'm trying to remember that exercise is fun and that I enjoy it and no one makes me go to the gym, and I can take a day off when I want. I got a little restless by noon and decided to go for an easy run on the Beltline.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Meal Planning and Meal Prepping

The pilot and I returned to Atlanta this week from a fun trip to Norfolk and Charleston. We ate a lot of roasted oysters and drank a lot of vodka. Personally, I was ready to get back to meal prepping because my insides couldn't take any more celebrating. I felt like I had only consumed Indian food take-out, chicken wings, and wine for the entire month of December and I craved vegetables. I spent the holidays with my family up in New York. Does anyone else visit their parents and wonder how the whole family didn't end up with scurvy from their childhood diets?

I'm not the best cook, but I am pretty good at meal prepping. I can get a week's worth of proteins, vegetables, and carbs prepped, cooked, and stored in under 2 hours. I have the luxury of getting to eat most of my meals at home (instead of at school or in an office), and so I usually store my food in larger batches and put together meals when I eat them. If I know I'm going to be pressed for time, I will measure out portions into individual Tupperware and use a dry erase marker to label the lids with the meal's contents.

The Pilot is a much better cook than me. Sometimes he's my sous chef.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year, Same Me, Hopefully Some More Posts

It's 2019! I am excited for a new year and a new semester, but I am even more excited that I woke up this morning well-rested. I have had the worst cold since Friday. I've basically been in bed for days, and it was a legit struggle to stay awake at dinner last night. I spent my New Year's Eve exactly how I wanted to spend it - having dinner with my best friend - and then I was home and in bed with the pups by 10 PM. I just wish this cough and the rain would finally stop!

No hangover for this girl this morning.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

December Reflections

Well friends, it's been a while. I haven't felt the urge or the ability to write because I've been working to process everything that happened this fall. First off, going back to college at 32 years old has been an incredible opportunity, but also scary and a little confusing. For those who don't know, I have a master's degree in teaching. I did Teach For America right out of undergrad and was a teacher for three years before transitioning into education nonprofit work for seven years. Education was never supposed to be my career but I kept putting off going back to school because I was scared to give up my paycheck and I didn't think I could pursue what I am actually passionate about - nutrition, health, and fitness - because I never thought I was good enough at science or math. But circumstances gave me the gift (and the kick in the ass) to enroll at Georgia State as a post-baccalaureate student. The great news is that I got an A in my Principles of Nutrition course. I am excited about my studies. But it also took most of the semester for me to relearn how to study. I feel prepared to kick ass next semester and I am really looking forward to taking Human Anatomy and Physiology II.

I found these as part of a class assignment and now I'm addicted to pink princess cheddar Goldfish.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Weight Loss Wednesday 10.3.18

I signed up to participate in Street Parking's fall nutrition challenge. It uses their templates, a food list, and a points tracking system. I want something to hold me accountable to cleaning up my diet and getting me to eat balanced meals at regular intervals, and this challenge looked like it would fit the bill. I have already had to bite my tongue several times because I have a lot of opinions about their rules and banned items. I remind myself that it's their company/program's challenge and no one is making me do it. This is a learning experience for me and something to push me outside of my comfort zone.

We submitted starting photos and stats on Monday, October 1. These photos are cropped but not otherwise edited. Lord, do I miss the structure edit function!

Friday, September 28, 2018

CFID Strongman Competition

Last Saturday I competed in my first Strongman competition and I won the women's novice division. Andrew Hanus coaches a Strongman class at CrossFit Identity and he put on this competition. He is super strong and super awesome.

I've talked about wanting to get into Strongman. Coach Chad had Strongman Saturdays when I went to CrossFit Central LI and I really enjoyed learning how to pick up heavy oddly shaped instruments. I figured I'd be relatively good at it because I'm pretty strong and there doesn't seem to be much holding your own bodyweight on top of a pull-up bar. I had such a good time at the competition and I left really jazzed about learning more. I went to Coach Andrew's Strongman class last night and had the best time.

The competition had five events.

Event 1: Press Medley (60 seconds): Log Clean & Press -then- Axle Clean & Press Away
Competitor will have 60 seconds to complete the medley. Competitor will begin with the Log Clean and Press to overhead. The competitor will wait for the down command from the judge. Once a successful lift has been completed they will move to the Axle Clean & Press Away. The competitor only has to clean the bar for the first rep, once in the front rack they will complete as many overhead presses as possible with the time remaining. If the competitor drops the bar they will be allowed to clean it again if time permits, however, only overhead presses count as reps. Most reps conducted in the time frame wins.

Friday, September 14, 2018

2018 Quarterly Goal Update - Q2

April I made it to 8 CrossFit classes.
May I made it to 13 CrossFit classes.
June I made it to 13 CrossFit classes.
Quarter Total: 34
Total/Year Goal: 74/180

April I attended 3 Infinity Yoga classes and 1 Southern OM class.
May I attended 2 Yoga Works classes (Infinity Yoga's new name) and 1 Bottom Line Yoga class.
June I attended 1 Bikram Yoga Roslyn class.
Quarter Total: 8
Total/Year Goal: 16/50

Apirl I tucked 2 times.
June I tucked 1 time.
Quarter Total: 3
Total/Year Goal: 19/50

April I ran 2.4 miles.
May I ran 3.9 miles.
Quarter Total: 16.3
Total for Year: 17.6

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Major Life Changes

If you follow me on Instagram (@inshapeoutofmind), you might have seen that I have gone back to school. After some deep reflection, prayer, and encouragement from my parents, I decided that I needed to take the leap and go after something I have been secretly dreaming about for a while. I want to be a registered dietitian. By the grace of God, I got into Georgia State University's post baccalaureate program even though school was starting in less than a week. I have several prerequisite courses to take before I can apply to the master's degree coordinated program in dietetics. I left my job to focus on school, but am looking for part-time work, so if you know of opportunities, please let your girl know!

So I'm back in college. It's exciting and also scary. I'm learning so much and needing to relearn how to study. Coursework is a lot different 10 years later. The iPhone came out right before my senior year. It was both a phone AND an iPod! Mind blown! Now I use my iPhone to answer participation questions in class. My textbooks each have apps. It will read my textbook to me.

Remember that time I told you that I wanted to win the fat loss challenge and then I won? I believe that putting your thoughts and dreams out into the world help you to realize them. And so I share the following goals with you:

  1. Earn an A- or above in all of my prerequisite courses, which will be 3 semesters of chemistry, 2 semesters of human anatomy and physiology, precalculus, and principles of nutrition.
  2. Rock the shit out of the GRE with a 165 or above on both the verbal and quantitative sections and a 5 or above in the writing section.
  3. Get accepted into Georgia State University's Master of Science coordinated program in dietetics.
  4. Maintain an A average throughout the program.
  5. Intern at an Atlanta hospital working with patients with chronic diseases.
  6. Rock the shit out of the Registration Examination for Dietitians.
  7. Become employed at an Atlanta medical facility working with patients with chronic diseases.
  8. Establish my own practice working with clients who are interested in nutrition coaching with a focus on wellness in addition to weight loss or muscle gain. (Think a step above if it fits your macros. What about your micros?)
I look forward to blogging about my journey and building my knowledge so I have useful content to share with you. I am excited to be on this road to becoming a registered dietitian!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Weight Loss Wednesday 8.1.18

I won the Affinity Athletic Summer Shred Challenge! Honest to goodness, came in first place! I made some pretty good progress but I actually only lost about a pound between April 29, 2018 and July 22, 2018.

My before photos are below with my hair up. I took two sets - one neutral and one letting it all hang out. I weighed 152.2 that weekend.

These three photos were taken standing in a neutral position. I wasn't sticking my tummy out and I wasn't flexing. I took them with the auto setting on my iPhone.

I checked the rules of the challenge before taking these photos and we were allowed to make ourselves look as chunky as we wanted. I made sure to eat a lot the night before and reverse flex as much as possible. These are the photos I officially submitted as my before photos.

These are my after photos on July 22. The pilot took them for me. I am flexing. I weighed 151 lbs.

So what actually changed?

1. Body Fat: My body fat percentage lowered from 23.1% to 22.5%. I have increased muscle definition and my back fat has reduced. I learned it's pretty hard to manipulate a back fat photo no matter how hard you flex!

2. Training: I go to CrossFit four days a week. I usually workout for about two hours. I go to class, I do some physical therapy exercises, I do programming I get from my coach to work on my weaknesses, and I do the "extra piece" if I have the time. 

3. Diet: I initially lowered my calories from ~2,300 to ~1,600. Now I'm back up to ~1,900 - 2,000. My estimated maintenance calories are around 2,000 so I'd like to hang out here for a while to see if I can continue to recomp.
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