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Monday, March 29, 2010


     Today I went to Impact! at the Roslyn Equinox.  I have been eyeing this class for quite some time, but I wanted to go to Pam's class, which is only offered on Mondays when I am usually at work.  I picked up a pair of white Everlast 12 ounce gloves (so hot) at Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday so that I could attend today's class.  These were definitely a good investment because most of this class is spent working with the bags.
     Impact! allowed me to practice the skills I have learned in cardio kickboxing and work on my form.  My arms were killing me and kicks are totally different when you are actually kicking something.  Two people work on each bag to keep it from moving around, and I must apologize to my partner.  I was all over the place.  I think we started a little late, but we got in a solid 50 minutes and I was dying at this point.  I really didn't believe that 12 ounce gloves would make that much of a difference, but even jumping jacks were more difficult.
     My one issue with wearing boxing gloves is that I am a fidgeter, and they make it extremely difficult to fidget.   I am always tightening my ponytail, readjusting my sports bra, and now that I have a heart rate monitor, I find that I'm playing with that thing too.  I had to keep taking off my gloves to readjust everything.  Next time I will make sure to be completely set before I put those things on.  My HRM said I burned just under 500 calories during the class.  I know I wasn't working at my full intensity because I was trying to figure out what to do and I was busy messing with the gloves.  The class level would probably burn more than 500 calories if I worked hard the entire time.

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