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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This Should Happen to No One

This morning I woke up and found the following things in my apartment:

Pre-cut carrots and celery still in the package by my door
Vanilla frosting in the fridge.
I knew to look because I found  frosting shmears on the fridge door... and my forehead.
Empty package of seaweed snacks in the bathroom.
There are seaweed snack flakes ALL over my freaking apartment.
Let's back track.

Yesterday I left work and made plans to run with Favorite Work Friend. FWF decided she didn't want to run so we compromised - I went to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir for a quick run and then FWF met me for a post-run walk. I ran 2.75 miles, stretched, and did some squats. Then we did a brisk walk around the reservoir and walked home. Grand total was 5.50 miles.

Do you think people think I'm weird taking photos of myself doing weird shit?
FWF and I met at the South Gate House. Now I can stop referring to it
as the stone building thing near 84th Street.

Today is FWF's birthday so we went out for a drink last night after our walk. A drink always turns into 17 at Trinity Pub. I should know by now that nothing good happens after I kill 6 glasses of wine and switch to Dewars. It was trivia night and for the first time in years the art history classes I took in college came in handy.

This says 5.50 miles although you can't read it. Proof of Day 1 redux
I actually woke up at a reasonable hour but I decided not to leave for work until 9:15. Yesterday I brought my monitor home from work and now I have the sweetest home office ever! I can finally leave work at a normal time, hit the gym, eat dinner, and then finish up projects at home. Oh hello extended desktop. You know I love you.

The best home office ever.

I also found this text on my phone.

The recipient was thankfully not the guy who recently dumped me.

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