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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Morning Mileage

After reading about Sarah from Once Upon a Lime try to become a morning runner, I remembered that I used to like to get up early and run before work. I hit snooze multiple times this morning but I was dressed and ready to run by 8 8:15. My Garmin was being an asshole but the walking I did trying to get the satellites to catch gave me a chance to wake up.

I decided that I didn't want to wear my running pouch but I needed a place to stash my keys. My running partner/neighbor (who moved back to San Francisco without telling me!) used to tie his keys into his laces. I am psychotic about things moving and bothering me while I am running so I've always been hesitant to do this, but I managed to get the keys secured in there. I took the lace out of the left loop, strung my keys onto it, wedged the keys under 3 other laces, restrung the lace, and then tied everything tightly over the keys. I also have a separate set of keys I use for running that only have the two keys I need to get into my building and nothing else.

Good morning New York!
I was moving pretty slowly - Garmin says an average of 9:11 minute miles. It was nice just to get out there and enjoy the sunshine.

Don't I look happy?
I didn't even run the whole way back. Once I hit 4 miles, I stopped the clock and walked the rest of the way home, which is probably about a quarter of a mile.

It's sunny out but it's not warm. I wore a pair of ADIDAS capris that I usually wear for spinning. Not ideal running pants because they kept sliding off my ass. Does anyone have any good recommendations that are not lululemon? Ideally, I am looking for bermuda length shorts.

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