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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flywheel and Fabletics

So last night I went to Flywheel UWS with my friend Jay. Although I left my office 45 minutes before the start of class and I was only traveling 49 blocks, I ended up arriving after class started and I missed the first 10 minutes. The people at Flywheel were wonderful because they recognized the sign of crazy in my eyes as I ran in flustered and unhappy. They checked me in and set up my bike while I got changed and even got my clips in the bike when I was freaking out some more. I don't like being late.

The class was great and it was hard. My lingering hangover didn't stand a chance with the torq in the high 30s. Neither Jay nor I had taken a class with the instructor John Wellman before, but I really liked him. He was funny, his music was great, and he reminded the class about our form. I'm under the belief that anything a coach says you should consider as directed towards you, and while I'm not narcissistic enough to believe that John spent the class evaluating my every move, I did find that his advice and feedback applied to me.

I wore my new Fabletics shorts to Fly. To be honest, the Moro short is a little too short for my taste for spin because they ended up closer to my bikini line than my thigh by the end of class. Otherwise they are super comfortable and I will totally be wearing them to CrossFit and yoga.

photo from Fabletics website

Fabletics is Kate Hudson's fitness clothing line and I found out about it reading a magazine at the nail salon. They're not compensating me at all for this post, so not only are all opinions my own, I actually paid for the outfit myself.

photos from Fabletics website

They have a discount going on for new customers. I got the three pieces above for $49.95.

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