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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Fitbit Challenge

I'm in this Workweek Hustle Fitbit Challenge with some coworkers in offices across the country that starts on Mondays and ends on Fridays. Now we already know that Fitbit hates on CrossFit and I hate to lose. All the other people in this challenge must be running fiends because their numbers are over 10,000 on a daily basis. So in order to compete, poor Frank has been going on a lot of walks.

This morning we went on a run in matching outfits. This is the only picture I got with him looking into the mirror so pardon its blurriness. Frank kind of sucks walking on a leash, but he's turned into a pretty spectacular running partner.

Want to start your own challenge? Check out the instructions from Help at
  • Tap the Challenges tab.
  • Tap the challenge you would like to start.
  • Tap Start Your Own.
  • Tap the friends whom you would like to invite to the challenge, then tap Start in the top right corner. You're not required to invite friends, meaning you can run a challenge with yourself as the only participant.

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