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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Running Posts are Back!

I'm in Brookhaven this week house-sitting and caring for two of my favorite animals, Marley the golden retriever and Toby the ninja cat. Frank and Marley are pals so it's just a big slumber party.

I swear I did not ask them to pose for this photo.
Brookhaven is its own incorporated city north of Atlanta. I really like Brookhaven because it feels like we're in the suburbs, but we're only 9 miles from my apartment, which is in the middle of town.

I ran at a leisurely pace from the house out to Caldwell Road, and just followed it for about 2 miles. I knew I only had time for about a 4 mile run before I needed to take Miss Marley to the vet. It was also 80 degrees out and this princess needs to acclimate to running the heat again.

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