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Thursday, August 20, 2015

5:30 Club - So Blessed

I was in class with Gina Gallo at Bikram Yoga Roslyn in June, and she closed out the 90 minutes by sharing a little wisdom about being busy. She told us that when our days are really full and we have so many things we need to do and want to do, we should be thankful to have such rich lives and feel grateful for the opportunities instead of stressed out or resentful. At that point I was being paid to not really have a job, no one was offering me a job I actually wanted, and I was so exhausted from not sleeping that I acted like a zombie with an exceptionally short fuse. I swore I would be so grateful the next time I had a rich full life.

Well guys, I am super fucking thankful.

So fucking thankful that I had to start working out at 5:30 in the morning.

Rivka and I so happy after 3 RFT 100 doubleunders, 20 sumo deadlift high pulls @65#

In order to spend 8-10 hours at my awesome job, hang out with friends, run basic errands, chillax with my dog, and maintain my addiction to CrossFit, I had to suck it up and join the 5:30 AM club. My friend Rivka convinced me that I totally wanted to start working out with her that early and she was right. I want to die for the first minute after my alarm goes off AT FIVE AM, but it's been great otherwise.

the 6:30 AM getting warmed up. apparently they have a dresscode?
In the past month, I have made so many new friends and connected more with my existing friends. It's been really great to finally start building the life I moved down here to build. You are all probably like, What the hell happened to her? What do you mean she's so happy? #blessed

I swear it's actually me and not Killer BOB from Twin Peaks. As proof, I share with you a classic In Shape Out of Mind moment. Last night I had too much some wine with my neighbor and didn't get into bed until midnight. But I dragged my tired and probably still drunk ass out of bed for 5:30 AM Pure Barre. The plank tucks feel a heck of a lot better when you're a little buzzed by the way.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

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