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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Fitness

My sister lives in Dallas and my aunt lives in Plano, so the family trooped off to Texas for Thanksgiving this year. Frank was a little miffed that he wasn't invited until he found out he got to spend the long weekend with his trainer Jennifer. Frank now has his own Instagram account, be tee dubs.

I arrived at DFW on Wednesday and headed back out Sunday. I made it to three different gyms in between.

My aunt lives super close to Flywheel Plano so on Thanksgiving morning I agreed to help my cousin push one of his Mustangs into the garage if he'd drive me to Flywheel in the other. His other car is a white Shelby Cobra and it's beautiful and makes a ridiculous amount of noise and I love it.

I love Flywheel but I don't make it very often because it's expensive and I pay enough for CrossFit and Pure Barre as it is. This class was difficult and I had to really work for it. The woman at the top of the leaderboard kicked my ass. I ended up coming in 3rd at like 20 power points below her. I did win both of the timed power pushes, or whatever they're called.

The guy sitting behind me was wearing a CrossFit shirt so I asked him about it after class. His name is Mike and a member at CrossFit Omega. I would totally have dropped in but it seemed that they were closed for renovations over the holiday weekend. Turns out Mike's wife is Jeanne, the ladies' leaderboard winner.

Coach Justin was kind enough to take a photo with me under the best flag and the second best flag in the world.

I went to West Plano CrossFit on Friday. Another awesome box. I especially loved how welcoming all the members are there. Everyone introduced themselves and said they were glad the other drop-ins and I were there. A Post Turkey Day Partner WOD was programmed but we had 11 people in the class, so I volunteered to work solo. I wanted to force myself to do all 50 toes to bar, and I find my partner usually picks up on my TTB/wallball/pull-up slack while I take over kettlebell swings, lunges, and squats. I did 50 of every movement, a 500m row, and then a 1,000m row, and I finished in either 35:26 or 32:26. I can't remember and should have written it down. 

On Saturday we went to mother-daughter Pure Barre at Pure Barre Plano. The class was fun. Not the most challenging movements but I got a good shake during thighs and seat. I found myself a lot more flexible than I had been on the Monday prior, but not as flexible as last Sunday when I got my first true split stretch. Only 29 years in the making...

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