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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fun Little Saturday

I was a fantastic girlfriend on Saturday morning and woke up early to follow the boyfriend to Nissan so he didn't have to sadly sit in the waiting room all day while his car got serviced. After I creepily sneaked up behind him to give him a kiss, we went to Walmart and bought everything. I am now the proud owner of leopard print flipflops and a new 8 inch skillet. And I found a replacement for the Fitbit Flex band I really liked to wear last summer. Target sells it in a pack of 3 with 2 other not so great bands, so I never bothered to buy a new set, but Walmart has it as a single item. Hopefully I don't develop an allergy to this brand too.

We made our way to Brookhaven for brunch at J. Christopher's, and then walked over to a farmers market for fresh strawberries and kombucha because we are turning into the people I hate. The strawberries were fantastic. I ate them all on Sunday when I was hungover.

The best part of the trip was a visit to Big Peach Running Co. I've been telling the boyfriend he should get himself some new running shoes for a while. Old running shoes make running feel like crap, and I know I'm always more excited to run when I like my sneakers. He got gait-tested and picked out two sweet pair of kicks - some Nikes with a palm tree print and a pair of Asics. I treated us both to a new pair of Balega Hidden Comfort socks because those things are like running on clouds.

My favorite color is grey.
I decided to take my new socks for a spin and ran 5 miles in the blinding sun. I hit 5 miles right next to the pool so I took off my shoes and Garmin and got in. I'm not sure the new neighbors appreciated me doing that, but I can assure you that my running sweat is the least of that pool's problems.

My neighbor and very good friend is leaving us to move back home to Richmond. I'm not happy about it but I support his decision. We had a "We love Scott!" pool party (which is very different from a going away party in case you were wondering), and I overserved myself Deep Eddy Ruby Red vodka. Then I became a really shitty girlfriend because I can be a real terror when I start drinking before I eat dinner. I also asked that someone toss me one of my beers and then I promptly turned away to start chatting and that beer fell directly on my big toe. One hundred percent my fault, but I am really thankful that another one of my friend-neighbors was an EMT and he was able to pull out his mega First Aid kit and tape me up.

I've been putting off getting a pedicure until I get some more mileage in. I've been trying to convince myself that I need to earn it but it really just means my feet look ugly.

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