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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Meal Planning and Meal Prepping

The pilot and I returned to Atlanta this week from a fun trip to Norfolk and Charleston. We ate a lot of roasted oysters and drank a lot of vodka. Personally, I was ready to get back to meal prepping because my insides couldn't take any more celebrating. I felt like I had only consumed Indian food take-out, chicken wings, and wine for the entire month of December and I craved vegetables. I spent the holidays with my family up in New York. Does anyone else visit their parents and wonder how the whole family didn't end up with scurvy from their childhood diets?

I'm not the best cook, but I am pretty good at meal prepping. I can get a week's worth of proteins, vegetables, and carbs prepped, cooked, and stored in under 2 hours. I have the luxury of getting to eat most of my meals at home (instead of at school or in an office), and so I usually store my food in larger batches and put together meals when I eat them. If I know I'm going to be pressed for time, I will measure out portions into individual Tupperware and use a dry erase marker to label the lids with the meal's contents.

The Pilot is a much better cook than me. Sometimes he's my sous chef.

The pilot has shown an interest in learning how to meal prep and how to track macros - music to my ears! We put a new battery in his food scale, added MyFitnessPal to his phone, and headed to the farmer's market. The pilot and I are both guilty of letting fresh produce and prepared foods spoil in our refrigerators. This makes us upset and sometimes we end up eating something with a questionable expiration date. And by sometimes, I mean I will occasionally take a bite of something and be like, Oh, this ish is gross, and throw it out. The pilot has given himself food poisoning so many times that I now let myself into his apartment before he comes home from a trip and throw out most of the contents of his refrigerator. Yes, butter does go bad, FYI.

This week we have focused on meal planning before we go food shopping. It's been awesome. I wrote out each day that the pilot was going to be home and we decided upon breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. I also planned for my snacks and post-workout meals. Then we went to the market and I followed him around with the list and the buggy, barking orders about what we needed to buy. I'm learning how to adjust my shopping to meet the needs of two people, but we haven't had any food go to waste yet. The pilot found out that he has an extra week off from work so we planned through the weekend and did another shopping trip today.

We decided we wanted to try CrossFit's cabbage and beef stir-fry recipe. We doubled the ingredients except for the cabbage. When we make it again, we are going to use only 2 tablespoons of coconut oil but double the cabbage. It cooks down a lot similar to spinach. I'd cut a bitch without carbs so I added 215 grams of cooked white rice.

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