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Monday, February 4, 2019

Monthly Progress Photos: February 2019

I'm trying something a little different this year because Weight Loss Wednesday posts started to become a pain in the ass. My dogs weren't cool with waiting for potty time each week while I weighed myself, measured my body fat, and changed into my bathing suit for progress photos. If I took them out first, I inevitably forgot to take measurements and/or photos, or started drinking coffee, which throws off measurements and photos. Now I do all that jazz on the first of the month. I weigh myself most mornings and take a simple progress photo that I store in MyFitnessPal.

These are many January 1 to February 1 comparison photos. I weighed 152.8 lbs on January 1 and 151.6 lbs a month later. My Omron recorded my body fat percentage as 23.9% on both days. I don't put much stock in that thing because it can be heavily impacted by hydration and sodium intake, but it's good for keeping an eye on trends.

My arms look bigger and my bed is made this month so I'm declaring this a win!

This is a screenshot of my regular progress photos. I had stopped taking them for a long time and I realized that they are a great record even if most of them aren't social media worthy. As we know, I can get obsessed with perfect and I want photos that looked exactly the same to truly show comparisons and then I stopped taking them because I got anxious over doing them correctly. Note to self, do not let perfection become the enemy of consistency.

I'm really just impressed that there's only a 2.6 pound difference in my weight from Friday to the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. My apartment complex crew threw a small shindig for the game yesterday. I brought Costco pigs in a blanket and shrimp cocktail. I ate most of what I brought, plus chicken wings, cheese cake, charcuterie, and other snacks. Since the game was so boring, I spent most of the time eating and scrolling through Instagram. Thankfully the Super Bowl visitors (1 MILLION OF THEM!) should be returning home today, and we can only pray that the Massholes stay out of our city for the foreseeable future.

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