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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Life Without CrossFit

I haven't been able to exercise properly since March 10.

I think I like my selfie mirror in my new apartment better than my old one.

If you follow me on Instagram (@inshapeoutofmind), you might have seen that I got injured in the beginning of March and I had to withdraw from my Strongman competition. Injuries happen. I have always bounced back quickly, except for this time. My back and hips hurt every day. My iliopsoas get so tight that my body gets stuck in a hunched over position if I sit for more than a few minutes. Attending my classes hurts. My friend and massage genius Brian told me that I have lower cross syndrome, defined as tight iliopsoas and erector spinae and weak abdominals and glutes. I'm pretty proud of my glutes but I can admit that I am quad dominant and I'm not moving properly.

I have frozen my CrossFit membership. It seemed like a waste of money when I could barely move without crying, and now I've continued to freeze it because I don't trust myself to scale appropriately. I don't want to do goblet squats with a little kettlebell when everyone else gets to clean heavy. And as much as I miss the people, I haven't missed doing CrossFit workouts. Or the drive. Since I moved to O4W/Inman Park, getting over to Briarcliff has been a bitch. I didn't mind sitting in traffic if I went in the evening because it was something I looked forward to all day and got me away from desk and working 24/7. Now that I'm in school, every minute I am in traffic is one less minute that I can spend learning.

Almost 2 months out of CrossFit and I've lost my gains. The good news is that my thighs now fit in pants.

I've gotten some running in because I am going to run the Hotlanta Half Marathon in June against my better judgement and the advice of pretty much everyone I know that has seen or treated my back. I've ran a 50K with a locked out leg. I've ran a marathon after being up for 2 straight days. This should be a piece of cake. Joking aside, I have given up my time goal and I'm just running to finish. It should be doable.

I probably will return to regular CrossFit one day, but for right now I am enjoying the freedom of no gym membership. Last month I took my remaining classes at YogaWorks and Pure Barre Inman Park, which are both down the street from my apartment. I recently attended my first class at Dancing Dogs Yoga at their new Beltline location, which is also walking distance away. I signed up for their 30 days for $25 promotion and will be hanging out with them this month. I'm also looking forward to trying MADabolic when I am less banged up and Rukus Cycling when they open this spring.

It has recently come to my attention that GSU has a legit free weights area AND that they offer different classes throughout the semester. Obviously I find this out right when the semester ends, but I have signed my waiver and I am going to check it out once finals are over. The spring schedule offered step aerobics and my longtime readers know that I F'ING LOVE STEP AEROBICS. So I might be returning to my roots this fall with my 1980's-inspired group fitness.

Life without CrossFit isn't as bad as I feared it would be. I want to be injury-free so I can get strong again. I want to try new things and get back to doing other types of fitness that I really loved.

And here are some photos from the vacation the Pilot and I went on in March. We went to Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. It was a fun trip but the traveling really screwed up my back. I was able to do the snatches and burpees for 19.4 in a decent time. Had I known that I would be carrying our luggage to 3 taxis, 2 ferries, and up a damn mountain, I would have not agreed to smuggling in alcohol and dried goods. If you have any interest in visiting the Virgin Islands, hit me up because I have some suggestions on how to break up the travel so you can go multiple places, not get bored, and avoid a 13 hour travel day.

This is the few from our villa. Absolutely gorgeous. The only way down to that water and that beach is to hike down the hill. Bring a long-sleeved shirt and a hat for when you want a break from the sun. You will not want to hike up the hill for shelter and will find yourself spending 4-6 hours extra at the beach bars to avoid the rigorous exercise home. Don't try to do the walk in flip flops. The Pilot hated my Keen hiking sandals but they were the only thing that prevent me from falling down the mountain more than I already did.

We met a couple from Wisconsin that travels with a replica of the Lombardi Trophy. They wanted everyone to take pictures with it. People are odd.

We missed our dogs so much that we welcomed this visitor to our villa. Judd named her Thandie after Thandie Newton. I told him he just sounded like he was drunk and slurring his words. 

Americans apparently love to write all over things with Sharpie. We joined in since everyone else was doing it.

This was the start of our epic travel day home. We left at 6 AM and got to our apartment in Atlanta at 7:45 PM. Please learn from our mistakes.

And here is Frank judging with the side eye, because that's what he does.

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