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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The BOSU is NOT a Towel Rack

Granted I should have come 20 minutes earlier to secure prime real estate.  Yes, I am aware that Yves' classes fill up fast and that it's a dog eat dog world in group fitness.  But what really pisses me off, like tempted to throw my hand weight at you pissed off, is when someone takes a piece of equipment that others would like to use and then just stares at it.  This overweight woman, wearing extremely unflattering workout pants, used her BOSU trainer as a TOWEL RACK for the duration of Muscle Tech this morning.  I could have killed her.  Once, just once in the entire 60 minutes did she even put her foot on it (during body bar triceps rows) and then she got off and didn't even use it for the other side!  Here I am using the mini-step, which I CANNOT stand, and she's got a towel rack.  Said towel rack also took up a lot of her workout space so she was forced to do her half-assed floor lunges in mine.  Unfortunately half-assed effort will not halve her ass.  She did loan me her 8 lb weights (she had 3 different sets) after she was prompted to by the instructor.  So she's not completely evil.

Lessons learned:
1. Show up 30 minutes early because people are beasts.
2. Stay away from overweight people who wear ugly workout clothes.
3. Be considerate and don't take things you're not planning on using.

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