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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Christmas Ever?

This post has nothing to do with fitness, but it does describe some of the out of our minds behavior exhibited by my family during our Christmas vacation.

Christmas Eve began with my sister and I singing the Twelve Days of Christmas at LaGuardia's curbside check-in. We switched to Feliz Navidad at Chicago-O'Hare. We had progressed through half of our Christmas tune repertoire before I located my kazoo mid-flight. The passengers on American Eagles' flight to Cedar Rapids LOVED us.

This year we decided to combine the best aspects of Christmas and Spring Break: presents, binge-drinking, and chanting. "Best Christmas Ever. 2010. Woo!" could be heard at regular intervals throughout the airport, Grandma's house, Wal-Mart, and Pizza Ranch.

To top it all off, my father cannot be left alone in airports so my sister and I have had to babysit him during our travels. With only moments before our flight was due to board, he decided he must use the restroom and took off. There I was, sprinting down the concourse in my new engineer boots after a grown man to ensure that he wound return to the gate in a timely manner.

Next year I'm going away by myself.

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