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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'll Take an Eightball of Wheat Thins

I live in a studio apartment, which means if I invite you over to watch tv on my couch, you are also in my bedroom and my kitchen. Doesn't bother me, just don't treat my bed like a chair. Or touch my baby blankets. Or put your shoes near the comforter. Anyway, I digress.

Every time I have male visitors over, ones who have permission to get near the bed and ones who do not, they notice my food scale and immediately assume I'm a drug dealer. Hello?! It says "The Biggest Loser" on it. I didn't know Jillian and Bob were now hawking merchandise to the honest drug dealers of the world.

You have got to own a food scale. Measuring cups seem tedious and inaccurate after you start measuring your food in grams. My scale has really simplified making healthy salads. The tasty ingredients can really hike up the calories and you need to be careful that you didn't accidentally put in 400 calories of almond slivers. I just hit tare in between ingredients rather than driving myself crazy with a bunch of little cups and spoons. There are a lot of digital food scales on the market, but The Biggest Loser Food Scale is reasonably priced and available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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