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Saturday, October 27, 2012


I'm out on Long Island visiting my parents this weekend (like most weekends) and I made it to yoga again today. I went to Tina Conroy's Yoga Flow class at the Roslyn Equinox. I've been to quite a few of Tina's classes over the years and she's a very good instructor.

Roslyn Equinox purchased red Jade Yoga mats since the last time I took a yoga class there. I think these are a pretty color and I also like that they don't shed black crap all over my feet like the other ones.

The offending black yoga mats are still available as well.
The one thing I tend to forget about Tina until the middle of class is the readings and talk of chakras during meditation. That and this smelly stuff she puts on your third eye during chivasana sometimes. Today we meditated on our chakras and their colored disks. I'm all for learning about new things, except my SARS cough reared its ugly head, and instead of meditating on "I am" and "I see" and "I understand," I hacked up a lung into my towel. Then, for the second day, I had to miss out on chivasana (or as my sister calls it - her nap) because I was making too much noise. I spend the entire first hour of yoga class in yoga class so I can enjoy my 8 minutes of chivasana!

I swear yoga will make me a more centered and balanced person. No, I will not stamp my foot on my yoga mat if I do not get to enjoy quality corpse pose time.

After cleaning out my closet (who knew I still had some of that stuff?), I went up to the tailor to get some pants hemmed and then for some pampering at Angel Tip nails. I also ran some pre-hurricane errands for my mom.

Enough cigarettes to last 10 days without electricity!
Then I sat on the couch in my sweatpants feeling very satisfied with myself. And I only ate two Mallomars today after finding the box I hid at the bottom of the pantry drawer. Overall, a successful Saturday.

This is an entirely unrelated photo of my cat wearing my l.l. bean slippers

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