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Sunday, April 14, 2013

EMS Shopping Trip

I drove over to Eastern Mountain Sports after Zumba today to pick up some gear for the Rock the Ridge 50 Mile Endurance Challenge. It suddenly feels very real and I am getting nervous.

Rock the Ridge sent me 20% off at EMS, which is awesome because I needed a hydration pack, a headlamp, and some fuel.

I had wanted a hydration vest at first, but these aren't carried in stock at the Carle Place store (who knew?). Eric, my exceptionally helpful salesman, recommended the Camelbak Octane LR. I got mine in skydiver/egret, otherwise known as blue and white. The lumbar reservoir is pretty nifty and I think I will prefer to wear something that puts the weight on my lower back.

I bought a Princeton Byte headlamp. It has 3 settings: red light and two white lights. I'm not sure I'll be spending much time running in the dark, but I am super excited to wear it just the same. I have no idea where my last headlamp went but it was sick wearing it around the Egyptian desert.

I bought some citrus and raspberry flavored Clif shots and shot bloks because they are one of the few energy gels I can swallow without choking. I also like the margarita flavor but EMS didn't have any.

I came home with my bounty and was very excited about my purchases. My parents were less than impressed. My mother also had trouble understanding what a hydration pack is until I started drawing comparisons to the bag inside a box of Franzia.

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