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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Return of the Morning Run

My friend Matthew deserves a big thank you for motivating me to get out of bed this morning and run a 5K. He has recently committed to adding 3 days of running to his current routine and yesterday he invited me to join him for a run. I had already done the WOD, the extra work for the WOD, and I was about to get in the shower so I declined. But his commitment stuck with me and so this morning, even though I didn't really want to, I got up, put on my spandex and hit the pavement for 3.1 miles.

Matthew! Isn't he handsome?
And then I walked my ass over to the East Norwich Deli for a 44 oz iced coffee and 4 strips of bacon.

A branch came out of no where and snagged me on my walk home and I was stuck and it ruined my ponytail.
Nice little shortcut through the middle school parking lot.
The only way to improve is to do work. Some folks at CFHK have signed up to participate in a goal achieving program where they hold each other accountable to getting shit done. Since I am moving, I am ineligible for the program (and it's killing me), but I am inspired by those who are serious about maximizing their potential. (Shout out to you Rob! You're killing it these days!)

The other day my mom told me that I should get my body where I want it to be and then appreciate it because it all goes downhill at 45. She then told me I was running out of time (I'm 27), but I think what she meant to say was that there is no sense in wasting time being dissatisfied with your body. Do the work and be proud of your results. And it's absolute bullshit that everything goes south after 45. If you've seen any of the masters athletes, you know that an amazing body is possible at any age.

2011 CrossFit Games Masters Chipper

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