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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

200# Back Squat

It hasn't hurt to shower this much since the 14.4 Open Workout. Last night's METCON fucked my hands. Damn toes to bar. But before I completed 18-15-12 65# back squats and TTB bookended by 400m runs, I got my 200# back squat.

I have wanted to meet this milestone for months. I was able to steadily increase by squat while at CFHK doing Wendler's. I owe a major thank you to Andrea who was my squat partner of 11/22/2013. She asked me what my max was and I think I answered something like, I don't know but 95# sounds good and she told me that I was going to push myself. 

I made it to 190# on August 18 with Stacey's encouragement. I said to Ryan in the car on the way home that day that I was getting to 200# the next day we had a 1RM back squat and I meant it.

Brandon, one of the new owners and coaches at CFID, worked with me to get me to my goal. It took me five attempts to break parallel and get back up. My friends Dan and Ron were awesome at cheering me on and acting as rep counters.

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