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Monday, November 17, 2014

Tire Flipping

I think many people associate with CrossFit with huge ass tires. I know I thought that everyone flipped tires at CrossFit before I started CrossFit. And I regularly saw big tires at CrossFits around the country. But after more than a year at CrossFit, I had never gotten to flip a tire. I somehow always missed the days they were programmed.

But then Saturday happened.

Teams of 4
3k row
50 tire flips
200 burpees
50 tire flips
3k row

I was on a team with Steven, Diana, and Ana. We finished in 46:11 and split the work pretty equally. Diana and I partnered up to flip the tire and I think we did a really solid job. There's a high possibility that Diana did all the work, which would probably explain why I didn't find it that difficult. The entire team had to jump into and over the tire after every flip. We had the pair that flipped the tire move through first and then the second pair flipped the tire immediately after jumping.

These are some other good uses for very large tires.

a pretty effective door stop
photo courtesy of Abby

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