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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shoulders and Shorts

Today's workout was brutal. 750 m row, 25 thrusters (75/55#), 15 burpees over the bar for time. Then 5 minutes rest and repeat.

I wore my Fleo shorts because I love neon and animal prints and not wearing pants. I love Fleo because they have great customer service. My fantastic boyfriend bought these shorts for me, but now I think he regrets it since y'all can see my butt cheeks.

I was happy that I had a faster time the second round.

My shoulder has been acting up for over a year. There's nothing wrong with it and I'm not injured. I just don't have the mobility that I should and I need to work on it. My friend and fellow 4 PMer, Dr. Sam did some dry needling on my lat the other day and it's made a big difference. I could definitely tell that I have a better range of motion when doing the 50 thrusters today.

I take really shitty selfies :/

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