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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Trip to Orlando and SUBU CrossFit

I was in Orlando all of last week running logistics and ops for a work event. Every region welcomes its teachers at some point during the summer at an induction welcome week and I got to help out with Orlando's. It's long, it's tiring, but I really enjoy it. I only wish I still got paid hourly. Womp womp.

This was not my first rodeo and I knew that I wouldn't have a lot of time to workout, but I did get in a run and a drop in.

I volunteered to take any interested new teachers on a group run on Tuesday morning. The route I mapped out was only 3.27 miles but we missed a turn and got a 4.64 mile run instead.

There are both real and fake swans on Lake Eola. So meta.

I used my new FlipBelt to keep my phone and room card safe.

I enjoyed a Slurpee for the first time since December 2012. It was even better than I remembered. Unfortunately the Coke Slurpee machine at the 7-Eleven next door to the hotel broke on the second day and was never fixed while I was there. It was really upsetting.

On Friday morning I woke up at 5:30 AM to make it to the 6 AM WOD at SUBU CrossFit. SUBU CrossFit is located 0.4 miles away from the hotel I was staying at but I just don't feel safe being outside at night anymore, especially alone. I got an Uber and then the driver freaked out that I was trying to lead him behind a dark alley. He didn't believe that the gym I was going to was located in the space because it didn't look like any globo gym he had ever seen. Thankfully one of the members arrived, just as Coach Larry opened up for the morning. I really didn't want to stay outside alone and the Uber driver told me that he had already accepted another fare. Pretty sure you're not supposed to do that until your current fare gets out of the car.

An unfiltered view of the jog back from CrossFit
 Coach Larry and his super sweet dog


Warm Up:
Ladders + HS Walks

1 C&J @ 80-85%
4x 3 – Clean Pulls @ 100-105%

For time:
Run 400m
15 Cleans (185#/125#)
20 Deadlifts (185#/125#)
*10 minute cap

This picture is from the 7 AM class
 I loved everything about the WOD. Those are all my favorite things minus doubleunders. I went light because it was early and I'm an afternoon WODer. I also didn't get any sleep the night before because I was stressed about placing a catering order past the time the website accepts catering orders.

I used 85# for the EMOM, 105# for the clean pulls, and 95# for the metcon. I finished in 5:02.

Another shot of the 7 AM as I had to run out the door
I really liked everyone that I met. Coach Larry is awesome and I really appreciated his feedback on my jerk. The space is really cool and much bigger than it appears outside. And how can you not like a box that asks its coaches what power animal they are? I would be a lion, obviously.

SUBU stands for Show Up and Blow Up, and that's the attitude the gym is founded on. I think this may be my favorite drop in yet. SUBU CrossFit is located at 114 W Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32801. I contacted SUBU CrossFit about dropping in and Coach Chris got back to me the same day.

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