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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Austin's Lady Bird Lake

It was definitely hard to find time to workout on tour - mainly because I had to ask permission to do anything. The more I travel for work, the more I realize that traveling for work isn't really my thing. This coming from a person who has been traveling for work since 2012...

The good thing about traveling for work when you manage to carve out an hour to do something without your colleagues is finding local running routes. The Driskill Hotel had these nifty little running maps of Lady Bird Lake. I got lost getting to the lake so I ran about an extra mile.

The trail was beautiful once I found it. I made to sure to actually take some pictures for the blog.

You can rent equipment to go kayaking.

On the other side of the lake there's a great off-leash dog area. I saw so many pups, especially mixed breeds and pits, romping and having such fun. It made me think of Trevor and how much he would enjoy seeing the happy doggies and then make fun of their hipster owners.

Next time I'm in town, I am hopefully visiting my friends Jesse and Dave (and not working.) I would love to spend a day at Lady Bird Lake enjoying water sports and beer (hint hint hint.)

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