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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Are D Balls Cheating?

So this has been on my mind for a minute since CrossFit Identity got some sweet new equipment - what's up with the D balls? Are we really supposed to use them for wallballs? Do they constitute cheating?

Wallballs are my nemesis. I fucking hate those things more than anything - more than toes-to-bar, more than thrusters, more than burpee box jump overs (I actually really like burpee box jump overs because I am a sick sick woman.) But wallballs are evil.

This is a Dynamax medicine ball. Sure, you can do Russian twists with the thing, but if you CrossFit, I'm sure you've experienced it's true ugly purpose - the wallball. A little number is inked above the stitching and it means the weight of the dang thing in pounds. The best 6 weeks of my CrossFit career were after my nose job because my doctor specifically said no wallballs when he heard that it meant a 14 lbs ball would be sailing down from the wall and potentially whacking me in the face. 

I've improved a lot at wallballs since 2014 but I still don't care for them.

But suddenly the D balls arrive and wallballs aren't so bad. The ball's weight is distributed evenly. When you toss it up, it has a tendency to come down where you want it to, without bashing you in your beautifully reconstructed nose. IT DOESN'T EVEN FEEL LIKE 14 POUNDS!

Apparently them things are legal. Rogue is selling them as items great for wallballs AND slamming. Can we use them in the Open? Is it fair to boxes that only have the Dynamax death balls? How is Dynamax still in business? I'm interested to see if there are any equipment specifications in these year's programming.

Do you have thoughts on the D ball? Does this kind of change in CrossFit keep you up at night too?

I leave you with one more image:

In what world would this ever be necessary? Who likes their wallball enough to tote it around town? Admittedly, I like her pink patterned wallball better than the drab classic grey, but this is a completely unnecessary product.

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