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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pact App

My manager at Teach For America introduced me to this awesome little app called Pact. It rewards you for going to the gym, tracking your food, and even eating your veggies.

Once you sign up, you set your goals and assign an amount of money. My goal is to exercise five days a week, and if I miss a day, I get charged $10. My other goal is to track my food five days a week, and I get charged $5 for missing a day. I don't really like tracking my food, but I know that I should, so I added it to my Pact.

You can check into a gym or sync your fitness tracker or phone to Pact. Sometimes I complete more than 5 workouts a day, so it will say that those workouts are uncounted, because unfortunately you only count one workout per day towards your Pact. It's BS if you ask me.

At the end of the week, everyone who failed to complete their Pact gets charged, and that pool of money is split amongst those of us who successfully completed their Pacts. The amount of money you assign to your Pact doesn't increase the amount you win. But I know that I keep my fingers crossed that the people who fail have assigned a high amount so there's more money in the winner's pot.

I started using Pact during the summer of 2014. After completing 781 activities, I had $110.62 in rewards money. I withdrew money to donate to a sweet little dachshund named Sally who is fighting a flesh-eating bacteria. Sally had her skin grafts last week and is doing well, but her vet bills remain very high. I am incredibly thankful that I had an extra stash of money to donate that I earned from things that I do anyway. The hardest part of Pact is remembering to check in at the gym.

If you need some accountability and you like making money, I highly recommend Pact. They have great customer service who deals with me on a regular basis. My phone was acting wonky for a few weeks and they were always helping me correct my Pact.

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