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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weight Loss Wednesday 1.18.17

The Fat Loss Accelerator program has been a bit more challenging than I expected. Princess doesn't handle low fat very well. Katiesfitscript, one of my favorite bloggers, has written about how some of her clients do better when she increases their macros because it gets them to stop binging on the weekends. Dude, I made it until Thursday night before I was like fuck this noise, and went to Hacienda for fajitas and margaritas. That guy I've been seeing came home the next morning and I used that as an excuse to keep drinking and eating whatever I wanted... which was apparently lots of dumplings and dan dan noodles. I committed to (and paid for) this program, so I'm getting my ass back on the wagon, but I don't think these are sustainable numbers for me. I mean it's a four week program for a reason, right?

1/18/17 at 143.2

Despite my love for tequila, pinot grigio, and meat wrapped in dough, I otherwise ate pretty well (did I mention that this guy cooks a lot better than I do?) and I got a bunch of workouts in. I went to two different CrossFits on Saturday, made it to Pure Barre on Sunday, and went to CrossFit on Monday and Tuesday.

Some fun photos from CrossFit Downtown Atlanta on Saturday during workout #2.

Some fun photos from CrossFit Downtown Atlanta on Saturday during workout #2.

Some fun photos from CrossFit Downtown Atlanta on Saturday during workout #2.

I have the happiest of news to share. I was able to power clean 135# twice on Monday! The WOD over at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta had deadlifts. I didn't try to Rx it but I did the EMOM with 155# and the metcon with 135#. My 1RM is 280# so it's not like I was working with my percentages, but it's sure as hell of a lot better than the 95# I had to use for an EMOM two weeks ago. I felt really warmed up and decided to just see if I could power clean my bar and I did! I also managed to get 5 strict pull-ups.

I intended to use the same outfit for all of my 2017 Weight Loss Wednesday posts but then I realized I wore those black and green shorts to CrossFit last night. They are too gross to even touch right now, let alone put back on for some photos.

1/18/17 at 143.2

1/18/17 at 143.2

1/18/17 at 143.2
I busted out my Omron fat loss monitor this morning. I don't really like it because it makes me feel bad because it's always higher than the dunk tank, but it's perfectly fine if I want to see a trend over time. I will accept 23.6% body fat because 1. it is lower than the bod pod reading I got in November and 2. it's one of the lowest numbers I've ever seen on this thing for me.

This is a great non-scale victory. Tight jeans and no muffin top for the first time since I bought them in early 2014.

In other awesome news, one of my CrossFit girlfriends texted me last night to say that I looked strong tiny when she saw me at the box. I don't get to see her as often as I'd like because I'm usually there at a different time. It meant so much to me that she took the time to send me that message. It made my evening!

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