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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Weight Loss Wednesday 1.25.17

Well, it's official. I'm gaining weight on this so-called cut because I keep binge eating. I decided this morning, as I felt fluffy and defeated, that I am going going back to my self-determined macros ASAP. I found that 135 P 165 C and 65 F worked really well for my body. I saw upper ab definition, I was hitting PRs, and I felt satiated. Now I am all hangry, obsessed with tacos, and dreaming about Kerrygold butter. I miss my Gatorade/creatine/whey workout shake y'all!

I'm extremely competitive and I don't like to fail. I didn't want to fail at this Fat Loss Accelerator program but what the heck am I accomplishing by pretending to follow numbers that I don't want to use? I have to learn to admit that sometimes something isn't working and that's okay. I dated someone for a year because I didn't want to fail at another relationship. A whole year! I've been through enough. Give me my damn fats back.

The Fat Loss Accelerator program has an awesome Facebook group, which I'm really loving. I think I might be a little more active in it now that I'm not ashamed of bombing my numbers. I've only had a protein shake so far this morning and I'm already feeling a hell of a lot less stressed since I updated my goals in My Fitness Pal.

1/25/17 at 143.6
I was so unhappy taking these photos this morning. I didn't even try to get good lighting or look cute. My abs are somewhere in there but no amount of flexing will reveal them today.

My legs are dead from 12.4/13.3 on Monday. Karen is my nemesis but I did drop my time down to 8:19 for 150 wallballs.

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