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Monday, May 8, 2017

Tackling the 10K

This year I won a bib in the Peachtree Road Race, which is the biggest 10K and apparently the thing to do in Atlanta on the Fourth of July.

I've got a confession to make - I'm a little scared of the 10K. It's not a distance I've ever felt comfortable in because it's not a distance that feels natural to me. A 5K makes total sense. A half-marathon makes total sense. A 50K is just ten 5Ks. But the 10K has always lurked there. Is it a fast race? Is it a paced race?

My best time was at the Great Cow Harbor 10K back on September 17, 2011. I finished in 46:04.2. Those are 7:25 minute miles. Here are some terribly blurry screenshots I found in an old unfinished blog post.

These are from when I used to run in running skirts. And this photo is from before my parents decided to redecorate the powder room and fuck it all up. #bitter

Today we did Helen and I finished in 11:18. Those pull-ups felt. SO. HEAVY. But I did get a 3 minute 14 second PR from from December 14, 2015.

3 Rounds For Time:
400m Run
21 KB Swings (53/35)
12 Pull Ups

After Helen, I died on the floor for a bit and then switched to my running shoes to go for a mile run. If I'm going to tackle the 10K, I am going to have to start running outside of WODs.

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