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Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 2017 Goals

Fitness and Nutrition

CrossFit Goal: 62/200 WODs. I did 13 WODs this month, including the Loganville Lockdown competition with my girl Amy.

This is me during every workout ever - shirtless, tummy out, mouth wide open.

Not CrossFit: I went to Be Hot Yoga 10 times. I ran 2.8 miles while I was in Charleston. I did a dumbbell snatch and thruster workout in the hotel in Austin.

Sometimes it's just easier to pack racing flats than Nanos and running shoes.

Macro Tracking: I'm proud of how on point I am during the week and when I am at home. I'm still not that great when traveling, especially if I drink. This weekend I went over my macros, but I only ate food from my refrigerator and some lemon pepper wings. I didn't go straight to the fuck it mindset. I have to remind myself not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Water: Turns out that the cup that I thought was 20 oz is actually 32 oz. I've been drinking a lot more water than I thought for the past 4 months. No complaints here.


Church: I went to Holy Thursday service at my church, and then the dogs and I drove to Charleston for Easter. I went to Easter Vigil at St. Benedict Catholic Church on Saturday night and Easter Sunday at Eastbridge Presbyterian. And then we went to Wednesday Mass. 

These are my dogs' Easter baskets because I'm that dog mom.

Call a Friend: Does going to the wedding of two of your best friends and seeing your work family from the heydey of TFA count? Because it definitely should. I didn't even realize how much I missed them until Monday morning rolled around and I didn't see them at work... because I work out of my kitchen.

I do owe a few people phone calls. Now that Miranda (my car) is back and I have hands-free again, I'm going to recommit to this goal. I didn't realize how spoiled I was with my car until I was driving a tiny ass Jeep without a back-up cam or hands-free.

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