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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Weight Loss Wednesday 5.30.18

I survived two days in a Ford Expedition with my parents, aunt, and uncle as we drove around Iowa and Missouri. And somehow I consumed my weight in Crunchy Cheetos but I came home at the same weight as when I left.

That's me shoved in the way back with all the luggage. Sadly that is a plastic pin full of fake floral arrangements and not a margarita maker.

May 30, 2018 Progress Photos

Weekly Average Weight: 151.8 lbs
Body Fat Percentage: 23.6%
Lean Body Mass: 116 lbs

Our road trip was an adventure but I got my exercise in this Memorial Day Weekend. I did Murph by myself on the outside rig on Friday. Solo silent Murph is an interesting experience. I missed having the opportunity to do Murph with my CrossFit family, but I valued the opportunity to reflect on Lt. Michael Murphy's sacrifice in a different setting. It's mentally challenging to keep moving when no one is there to see your rest. This year I used a 24 inch box for the push-ups. I don't have 200 strict push-ups and a man that died for my safety deserves more than half-assed worm push-ups.

I got a run in while we were stopped in Albia, Iowa. It took me a while to find a good route and I did accidentally end up at the dump at one point, but I managed 3 of the hottest miles I've ever run. It was 95 degrees at 8 in the morning and there was no shade. I was running through their downtown and I heard Bruce Springsteen singing "Hungry Heart" and I was like, "God, is that You?" Nope. It was just the music playing at the local Shurfine. Talk about Americana.

We stayed at the Indian Hills Inn next to the Indian Hills RV Park.

We enjoyed breakfast at the Highway Restaurant. We also had a pretty good prime rib at Bogey's Steaks for dinner.

On Monday, I was procrastinating about going running because it was still very hot, when I saw a friend of mine post about Capt. Andrew Pedersen-Keel. I wanted to honor him and so I checked to see if he has a hero WOD. He does and so I figured out how to modify it with what I could get at the hotel gym.

PK is 5 rounds of 10 back squats (225/155#), 10 deadlifts (275/185#), 400 meter sprint, and 2 minutes of rest.

I carried the 35# dumbbells outside to the parking lot and did this version. I used my Garmin to measure out the loop around the parking lot and it came to 800 meters. I decided that the longer, slower run meant I should give up one of those minutes of rest.

Our dog trainer Jennifer, who is Frank's favorite person, sent me these fantastic Memorial Day cookout photos of the pups.

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