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Friday, September 14, 2018

2018 Quarterly Goal Update - Q2

April I made it to 8 CrossFit classes.
May I made it to 13 CrossFit classes.
June I made it to 13 CrossFit classes.
Quarter Total: 34
Total/Year Goal: 74/180

April I attended 3 Infinity Yoga classes and 1 Southern OM class.
May I attended 2 Yoga Works classes (Infinity Yoga's new name) and 1 Bottom Line Yoga class.
June I attended 1 Bikram Yoga Roslyn class.
Quarter Total: 8
Total/Year Goal: 16/50

Apirl I tucked 2 times.
June I tucked 1 time.
Quarter Total: 3
Total/Year Goal: 19/50

April I ran 2.4 miles.
May I ran 3.9 miles.
Quarter Total: 16.3
Total for Year: 17.6

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