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Thursday, May 31, 2012

#RWRunStreak Summer 2012

Runner's World Summer Running Streak 2012 is a challenge to run at least one mile every day between Memorial Day (Monday, May 28) and Independence Day (Wednesday, July 4). Obviously I see a challenge on the internet and I can't say no. Thirty-eight days of running? No sweat. Well, actually a lot of sweat. It's freaking hot out there. But I am confident that I will be able to do this because I don't accept failure.

On Monday I dragged my hungover ass out of Alyssa's bed and set out to run this loop in beautiful New Rochelle. My phone was dead from drunk dialing the night before and I was forced to run without music. I usually don't care about running with music, but when I am struggling to even put shoes on, I find music essential. So there I am, running along Webster Avenue, hoping for death, and trying to run in a straight line. I remember forgoing the too salty crab cakes in favor of three more Bloody Mary's at dinner the night before. We ate before 4, so yes, it was still appropriate to drink Bloody Mary's.

I couldn't complete the whole loop so I turned early and managed 2.51 miles. I think I hallucinated a lake and someone was smoking marijuana in the children's park on North in case anyone wants to look into this corrupt behavior.

Proof of Day 1
On Tuesday I had plans to go to the gym for yoga. However, I was somehow convinced to see a musical (yes, a musical), so I had to switch up my plans. Fortunately my go-to Equinox is 50th and Broadway, conveniently located near the theaters where musicals are performed. I did 20 minutes on the crossramp, 15 minutes of lifting, and I ran a mile on the treadmill. I ran in my K-Swiss micro tubes. They're fine for running a short distance on a treadmill but I wouldn't run outside in them. They're crosstraining shoes and they pinched my toe after a while. Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, we saw Jersey Boys, which was actually pretty good. I love Frankie Valli and I listen to doo-wop regularly. I just ignored the plot and the fact that grown men were dancing on an oddly tiny stage.

Proof of Day 2
I don't think it took me 15 minutes to run this.
I think the 15 is actually the pace I used to cool down for 1/10 of a mile.
Yesterday I had to leave work early at the time normal people leave to pick up my race packet for the NYRR American Heart Association Wall Street Run. I realized I wouldn't be able to go to a gym class, shower, get my hair cut, and make it to dinner with this guy I'm seeing. Instead I rushed home from NYRR and ran 5 miles along the East River Esplanade.

One of my super cool action shots.
I had planned on making my run closer to 3 miles because I needed to get over to Supercuts. Yes, I cheated on my hairdresser Jorge, but I just couldn't take my hair any longer. It kept getting stuck to my back when I ran and I looked like I was attacked my a weed whacker in the morning.

Goodbye hair.
The last mile of the run was kind of killer. I didn't want to bust through it because I have this 3 mile race tonight, but I also didn't want to run 10 minute miles either. I averaged 8.27 minute miles.

Proof of Day 3

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