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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monday Night Long Run

I ran into my neighbor/running partner on my way back from the Wendy Walk on Sunday and agreed to a 10 miler for Monday night. I obviously stayed at work longer than I had intended, but I was out the door and fiddling with my Garmin by 6:58 PM.

I'm a wear tester for Brooks, and while I can't blog about the shoes they send me, I will say that they are road to trail shoes and super cute. It probably wasn't the best idea to wear trail shoes for a long run (even if they are hybrids) but I wanted to put some mileage on them.

I can't show you the Brooks shoes, but I can show you the sick kicks I bought at Aldo.
We headed to the park and decided to start with a 6 mile loop. The shoes felt pretty heavy by mile 3 (the second mile from the entrance at 85th Street) and I was a little annoyed at myself for not wearing my Ghosts instead.

I told myself to suck it up and then followed my neighbor's lead and ran on the fake trail that runs along the loop. Has anyone else noticed this thing? I guess a lot of runners prefer to run on the ground and continuous use has killed the grass. It felt much better than the pavement and now I get to say I used the shoes on trail.

Last week my Favorite Work Friend and I ran around the Reservoir and I wore them then too. Does that count as trail?
My knee was bothering me on the run. Maybe because I did that to myself on Friday?
The neighbor and I decided to cut across the 102nd traverse during our next loop and then cross back at the 72nd traverse. We live up in the 80s so we kept running until we reached the 85th Street exit. The Garmin clocked in at 11.16 miles. This includes the mile we ran to the park but not the walk we did back home. I ran an extra block after going to CVS hence the 11.27 miles below.

Learning my lesson, I decided to bring some fuel for this run. I finally tried the Margarita Clif Shot Bloks that some people love and many others hate. I thought they were effing delicious and the neighbor enjoyed them too. I know what I'll be snacking on when I run the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon on May 27.
You didn't know I was running a marathon in Vermont for Memorial Day instead of getting wasted and playing croquet on the cape? Yeah, I didn't either. Surprise!

"You will be spending time outdoors, in the mountains, near water."

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