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Monday, August 13, 2012


I'm not a huge fan of sunscreen but I recently started wearing it again. Now that I'm not regularly tanning in a tanning bed but spending more time outside, I have found that I can get a little red. I don't really burn, but no one wants to be uncomfortable, or worse, peel.

As you know, I'm pretty active. I need a sunscreen that won't melt, but my skin is easily irritated by those sport sunscreens. There's a few on the market that actually give me hives. Usually the term water-proof turns out to mean painful burning sensation once it touches my skin.

I highly recommend Publix sunscreen lotion (yes, the Florida supermarket chain). It's label says it's moisturizing, very water resistant, and provides UVB protection. I have a bottle of SPF 15, but it is available in a wide spectrum of protection. If you live in the Florida area and you'd be willing to send some to me, I'd love you forever.

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