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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Traveling 101

This post was inspired by the RelayRides Travel Must-Have's campaign. Because I am the worst, I didn't write this post before the holidays and ended up ignoring my own advice and that's how I found myself in Walmart at 9:30 PM digging around their workout clothes section. Do you know they don't sell shorts in the winter?

I've got quite a bit of travel this month and this time I won't forget these fitness travel essentials.

1) ALWAYS pack one workout outfit in your carry-on. If you don't, your checked luggage will 98.9% of the time make a detour, even when on a direct flight to your grandma's. This is a major bummer when you have the 12 Days of CrossFit early the next morning.

2) Pack lightweight multi-purpose shoes. I love to bring my Saucony racing flats because I can use them for running and CrossFit and they barely weigh anything.

I own the Grid Type A4s but the newer Type A5s are on sale.

You could also spring for the Type A6s but I don't like the colors as much.

3)  Bring a jump rope. If you're into CrossFit, you know how annoying it is to do doubleunders with someone else's rope. And no matter what you're into, you can get a great workout in wherever you are with one simple piece of equipment. I have an Again Faster rope but I covet an RPM Fitness bare cable rope. They're absolutely beautiful and they really hurt if you miss.

4) Don't forget Ziploc bags. You can contain your stanky clothes and keep the rest of your wardrobe safe and dry. This is especially helpful if you have multiple stops on your trip but no access to a washing machine.

There's no excuse to miss a workout just because you're on the road. Some of my favorite workouts have been while I'm out of town because I get to meet new people and explore new places.

I have received no compensation for mentioning RelayRides, but I took a look at their website and it seems like this is the Airbnb of rental cars. Definitely something to look into next time I'm in need of a rental car, especially at the airport.

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