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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

the Natural Grip

I've wanted a pair of Natural Grips for a while, but somehow managed to let myself get talked out of buying "overpriced pieces of tape" in favor of other grips. Fifty dollars worth of grips I never wear later, I stopped listening to well-meaning advice and got myself the only grip that actually protects the part of my hand that rips. Go figure.

Yesterday I did Jackie Rx for the first time. 1000 m row, 50 thrusters with the bar, and 30 pull-ups. No rips, no hot spots, no ugly white blisters under my callouses. 

I have a sweet pair of Shark Blue grips, which were named for the Natural Grip's appearance on Shark Tank. They are now offering mixed combos of colors if having too different colored socks, shoes, gloves is more your style.

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