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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Greetings From New York

I am back in New York visiting my family and enjoying a pseudo vacation. I'm working on a few projects but otherwise I'm free to chillax with Frank and harass my relatives into taking photos of me.

I accidentally had my Fabletics outfits sent to my parents' house. This is the Highway 74 outfit and I love the mesh palm tee shirt and the white sports bra. The Dili shorts are cool because they have little tabs to tighten the sides.

I did a Glisten Fit arms workout the other day. I then waited in my sweaty clothes for my mom to come home from Pure Barre so she could take my picture. I'd like to think that I had better form when I did the actual workout. I held this position for what felt like forever and finally was about to sit on the floor, AND THEN my mom finally took the photo. I was about to get really pissed off, and then I remembered that "blog photographer" is in no way included in the mom job description.

I've been keeping up with my running and taking advantage of the track next to my parents' house.

My sister accidentally drove off with my mom's purse the other day, so I ran to the nail salon to retrieve it. Then I did a speed workout on the track. Five miles exactly. I wish that I had hit interval when I started the track workout so I knew the time for my first speed mile. I'm happy with 7:38 for the second speed mile.

Frank has been enjoying life on Long Island.

My mom bought Frank a new harness so that we can go on walks around the block safely. This one is great because it prevents pulling and it's also really minimal to keep Frank cool. I love the sherpa on the leg straps to protect his little legs from chafing. I also bought a 30 foot training lead so Frank and I can romp all over the backyard.

Frank has learned his mama's favorite trick to cool down after a long hot run - lie on the marble floor!

I got a haircut last Friday.

 This is the shortest it has been since 2008! I feel like I've lost 3 lbs.

I went to the Vitamin Shoppe the other day to pick up some protein powder and there was a lady from Nature's Answer handing out samples. If you give me something, I'll probably take it and that's how I ended up with this Bio-Strath. That's also how I ended up taking Valium I found in Alex 1's couch, but that was back in my wild days. Anyway, Bio-Strath tasted like a ridiculously sweet medicine. It's supposed to give you energy and improve your memory. Since my Ritalin does that without adding 60 calories of barley malt and raw honey to my diet, I don't think I'll be taking anymore of this stuff.

 My handsome boyfriend came out to LI to spend Father's Day weekend with my family. He's a great dog dad and all of us were very happy he came to hang out. He also sat through Children's Day at church, which turned into a real hootenanny and made us look like those people who speak in tongues and handle snakes. Oops.

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