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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Virginia Highlands Running Club

This morning I woke up so excited about running and training for my marathon. I haven't been this psyched in a long time - probably since I started training for New York City in 2011.

While I was in Orlando last week, I went for my first run since I was attacked. (Thank you Samantha and Audrey for catching how my original sentence said that I was attacked in Orlando.) I was with two of our new teachers. I went for my first solo run and first run back in Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon. I ran into my friend Doug from the Virginia Highlands Running Club and I really appreciated his kind words. I promised myself that I'd go to run club on Wednesday evening, no matter what. It starts at 7 PM giving me ample time to talk myself out of it, but I went!

We did a 5.1 mile route called Loose Waistband. I thought the play on Beltline was funny but I'm a nerd.

These are my splits. The first mile required a lot of crossing the street and waiting for stoplights because the sidewalk has construction. The 9 minute plus miles took some effort. My goal is to get back to running 8:30s comfortably.

After we run, we eat at George's. I'm really thankful that the Virginia Highlands Runners are taking their safety and the safety of others seriously. Crime is up in the area and pedestrians are targets. I drove to run club and valeted my car to make sure that I didn't need to walk on a side street. Doug escorted me to my car and made sure I got in safely. Stay vigilant!

VaHi Runners in May

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