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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cat Hill Repeats

T and I have decided to put some variety and planning into our morning runs. Today we did hill repeats. We met at the entrance at 72nd Street and headed over to East Drive. Our plan was to do five Cat Hill repeats. Cat Hill is the hill that goes from East 75th Street to East 81st Street on East Drive in Central Park. It gets its name from the panther sculpture located on these rocks there.
I did the first run up Cat Hill at a moderate pace. My foot has been bothering me and I feel tight over, but soon my competitive nature took over and I sprinted up the next two times. You are supposed to run the hill and jog back down when doing hill repeats. As you can tell, my photography skills while jogging leave much to be desired.

This is my ghetto ass photo I tried to take while running down Cat Hill. #fail
I did the fourth run up the hill at a moderate pace but then got my ass in gear for the fifth and final sprint. T and I then ran the two-mile lower loop clockwise. There is so much more to see when running against the crowd. Of course I had no idea where we were and tried to exit the park on the westside, but I imagine I'll figure it out after I run it thirty a few more times.

I don't mind waking up early to workout because I used to get up at 5 everyday to go to my old job. I'd much rather be running than fighting for a seat on the subway first thing in the morning. I do have issues getting ready in a timely manner though. I am easily distracted and always seem to lose ten minutes doing ridiculous things. I think it's because I am both ADD and OCD. (I've gotten distracted by my shoe collection while organizing my closet by color and item. True story.)
I redid my ponytail 6 times and still couldn't get rid of that bump!
I ended up leaving 5 minutes late because of it.
I lay my clothing out the night before to make it easier to get dressed. At least three times a week I decide to wear an entirely different outfit. Today I decided my preplanned outfit was too girly and I had to choose something else.
I went with spandex and a cut-off t-shirt.
Who else has been running in the morning? What do you do to make getting ready easier?


  1. I don't think it's weird that you want to look good--to feel good one has to look good!

  2. I get up in the morning by taking an addy and then falling back asleep for 20 minutes

  3. @Laura, I set my alarm 15 minutes early every morning and take my Ritalin. I can't function otherwise!


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