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Friday, October 7, 2011

My Take on Biggles' Breakfast

T and I met at the park at 6 AM for another run. We did the 5 mile loop. We had barely gotten started when we realized we had meant to bring up the same point: we only run the park counterclockwise. Running a route in only one direction can develop imbalanced muscles. The counterclockwise loop explains the awkward feeling I get that my right leg is becoming shorter than my left. Once you start thinking about uneven running surfaces, it's all you can think about. I could feel my right leg muscles shortening with every stride. No more. From now on we're alternating directions.

The run was pleasant if uneventful. I realized I had absolutely nothing to eat for breakfast, and to avoid another Fat Kid Friday situation, I needed to go grocery shopping before work. Luckily the Fairway on 86th Street opens at 7 AM. I exited the park at 6:57 AM, bid T farewell, and ran uptown.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art at 7 AM

I picked up raisins, Fage yogurt, and this Paul Newman cereal I found. I decided to take Biggles' advice on yesterday's post and eat cereal flakes and raisins with my yogurt.
No fructose corn syrup.

I used my food scale to measure out one serving of cereal, a little less than one serving of raisins (about 2/3 of a serving actually), and 8 grams of pecans. Food scales make eating a healthy portion of higher calorie foods easy. I bet you have no idea what a serving size of cereal, raisins, or pecans looks like and I challenge you to find out. This article from the New York Times explains the merits of using a food scale for cooking and baking. I don't do either, but I can pour dry ingredients into a to-go container and I love my scale. I use one made by Taylor.

I ate breakfast at my desk while managing struggling to tame my Outlook Inbox. It was absolutely delicious. I recommend sprinkling the cereal mix on top of the yogurt and eating it off. Continue sprinkling and eating. I don't like when crunchy things get soggy and I have found this to be a practical solution.
Tasty treats. Nasty Inbox.

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