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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cardio Blitz

Working from home has its perks. I hit up Cardio Blitz and Ab Lab at 74th & 2nd at 6:45 this morning and was showered and working at my apartment by 8:30.
Craig subbed this class today so I don't know if the regular class was any good, but I really liked it today. We did cardio drills at our benches - think high knees, plyo jacks, and squat kicks. We did arm work combined with lunges and squats. My only complaint is that we had to move our benches from horizontal to vertical and back way too much. I know this might be surprising, but I can rotate my body much more easily than a bench, three sets of weights, a towel, tissues, Chapstick, and water. I don't travel light.

My legs were really achy. I guess that run was harder than I thought. I also tasted last night's chicken and broccoli a few times during class. Really pleasant.

My outfit was supercute but I had no one to take a picture of me.
I didn't think the timer function was appropriate in a packed locker room.

I realized one of my sorority sisters was in the row behind me, but then I noticed that she was with another girl that I absolutely cannot stand. It was too early to deal with that so I pretended I didn't see either one of them. Oops. In hindsight, I feel kind of bad not saying hello to my sorority sister. I've always really liked her.

I made myself a protein shake out of cold coffee, skim milk, unflavored whey, and Walden Farm's zero-calorie chocolate syrup post-workout. I chased this with toast with fresh grind peanut butter and honey. Of course I was doing this while I was on a conference call and managed to get honey all in my hair.

Feeling very accomplished with my morning, I went to my doctor's appointment (the reason for workinh remotely) and then headed into the office.

Pink and Green.
I brought in a casserole and a side of this jello stuff. I totally understand why you would think this looks disgusting, but it's actually delicious. My mom's Midwestern; we eat a lot of things that come from the Campbell's Soup Cookbook.

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