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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Take the Long Way Home

The Professor and I reunited for a weekday evening long run. Not since August have we enjoyed a nice run along the Westside Highway together. We met up at 34th Street and headed uptown. We started off at a reasonable pace (except my Garmin didn't catch its satellites until later in the run so it made it seem like I ran a bajillion minute mile) and I was feeling pretty good. I realized that I had tied my shoes really loosely within the first mile, but I refused to let myself retie them. There's something to the looser shoes. I also forgot my hair clips and drove myself crazy until the snow shellacked my wispy pieces to the sides of my head.

New Jersey!
We didn't really talk much. I think I've been inside my own head a lot, and I've spoken to a few people I trust about what's been bothering me. I questioned if I should try to tell the Professor about it, but it seemed kind of forced. This is weird for me because I usually go to him first when I'm trying to figure something out.
My photography skills are amazing.
The Professor really likes the park by the Westside Highway and I must admit that it is pretty neat. It is so empty now (28 degrees, February, snow) compared to in the summer. I think I enjoy it more now than then too. I told the Professor I was only going to stay up to post about this run tonight if I could take awkward pictures while we were running. I asked that he just keep going and that I would catch up.

One of the creepier statues in New York, especially at night in a deserted park.
I really wish that I had gotten a photo of the rapist tunnel at about 97th Street that takes you through Riverside Park. It really is creepy because it's well lit but shoots you out into this dark path lined with trees. We didn't see anyone sketchy (surprisingly), but it's probably because it's so cold out. We did see another runner, however.
In my defense, I was wearing glove mittens and
I couldn't really handle the buttons.
We left Riverside Park and cut east towards Central Park. We entered at 110th and headed up into the Harlem Hills. I run those all of the time in the morning with T and in the evenings by myself or with the neighbor. I didn't realize that the Professor doesn't get to enjoy those bad boys on a regular basis, and he;s never run the loop backwards. Clearly we have a new item for our to-do list.

I have wanted to go on a date at the West 79th Street Boat Basin Café for a while.
Hint hint once it's warm. I'm talking to you Backgammon Partner.
(I don't know if he reads this. I don't know if he'll be around once it's warm.)
By this point it was snowing and not just kind of freezing raining. I felt awesome. It kept me cool but not cold. The Professor had 2 miles on me because he ran from his office and met me near mine. I don't think he felt as awesome as I did, but he was definitely holding his own. I broke out a 90-calorie reduced-fat chocolate chip Quaker Oats granola bar I jacked from work. The Professor and I split it and shared some water at my mile 6.

Around mile 7, I decided I was going to keep running after the Professor left. I hit 8.25 at 72nd and made the Professor take some photos with me. Remember my requirements on writing this post this evening. I gave my Backgammon Partner a call because I was very close to his apartment and I would choose a workout with him over a workout in the park, but alas he is preparing for a very important interview. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

I put my earphones in and turned on Lana Del Rey's Born to Die (Deluxe Version) and headed up Cat Hill. I ran the full six-mile loop. It was cold. My fingers started to burn. I wasn't tired though and I felt like I could just keep running and running. It went by pretty quickly.

Somewhere in the west 90s, I was listening to "National Anthem" with the snowy sleet hitting me in the face and it occurred to me that when they make the film of my life, they should have a scene of me (hopefully played by a former Disney star very close to a nervous breakdown) where I am running to this song in the snow and this signals the beginning of my downward spiral, before sort of hitting rockbottom, and then rising like a phoenix to return and sieze the day. Unfortunately this song is all about partying in the Hamptons, which doesn't really mesh well with the snow. And let's be honest - my parents thought I would hit rockbottom years ago and instead I routinely rise like a phoenix and can be found running a race the next freaking day. Nonetheless, I expect a movie of my life and I don't intend it to be on Lifetime, unless its going to be one of those awesomely advertised specials that college girls insist upon DVRing.

I digress.

Map of my run.
I found myself back at 72nd Street and stopped my Garmin at 14.61 miles. I texted the Backgammon Partner back because he had sent me some messages while I was running. I wanted to shake my legs out a bit so I walked over to Park and then started the Garmin and began running again. Obviously I forgot my Metro card at work (I remembered everything else!) so I needed to go over to 86th Street and buy another one. Don't get me started on those fucking ghetto machines. Thank God I had 5 bucks in my running pouch. I also dropped my super sweet Brooks running glove but this very attractive Asian man returned it to me.

I like capers with my salmon.

My favorite.
I went by the Fairway to pick up dinner and dessert (I ran 15.54 miles - I get to eat gelato.) The poached salmon with caper dill sauce may be the most delicious thing I have ever eaten and it was
under $9.

So much easier than typing out the splits.
I actually completed my run only 16 minutes later than my Caumsett 25K time. Things are looking up for the Caumsett 50K.

I got some weird looks at Fairway. I guess I did resemble a wet rat by the end.

 I just realized my favorite padded bra is in my desk drawer at work. Eff.

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