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Monday, February 20, 2012

Fighting the February Funk

I tend to get in a February funk each year, characterized by spending long periods of time in bed, bad food choices, and drinking too much. Surprisingly this has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, and yet it tends to overlap. After sleeping 2.5 days and chasing Cheerios with prosciutto, sopresetta, and Swiss sandwiches, I signed up for Tripp Doherty's Monday night spin class. (I actually planned ahead for this and brought my cycling shoes home for the weekend.)

Target capris and a high school gym shirt miraculously disguise my binge eating.
I got that shirt for calling alumni during the Choate/Deerfield Challenge. Choate won obviously.
Tripp's classes make me feel alive, that I am confident and capable. I feel up for the challenge and can get out of my head for a while. Sometimes his classes allow me to tap into my emotions. I have trouble expressing emotions that aren't anger (those I express quite nicely since I started practicing what I preach about non-violence conflict resolution) and I tend to stay quiet until those emotions turn to anger.

There I am on bike #1, in front of the entire room like the egoist that I am.
Maybe I should have used the flash?
Tripp's class was a feel good class, but I didn't experience any emotional breakthroughs. That's why I signed up for Tuesday's 9:45 AM class. Maybe there will be some tears this time.

It's difficult to cycle and take pictures in the dark at the same time.
It was so hot in there that I had to ditch the shirt. It's a safe space
to bare your love handles.

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