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Monday, April 30, 2012

Wendy Walk


The 3rd annual Wendy Walk was held yesterday in New York. After running the four-mile Run as One race and then reading three dirty chapters of Fifty Shades of Grey, I returned to Central Park to check-in for the walk.

Trinity shot.
Obviously I was convinced to get in the center and lean down and now I have no chin.
The Wendy Walk benefits the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative. It was started by Ali and Matt Landes to raise money for sarcoma research after their mom Wendy was diagnosed with liposarcoma.

I arrived at 90th and 5th right before 11 AM (I got distracted by Fifty Shades of Grey and ended up just running from my apartment back to the park) but still had enough time to check in. I changed into my sick Wendy Walk t-shirt and bought a pair of purple Wendy Walk sunglasses.

Ali and her mom Wendy
The actual walk went through the park, passed by the zoo, and ended at 60th and 5th. I saw a lot of friends that I went to college with and haven't seen in years. It was really great to catch up with them!

The post-walk brunch was held at the Harmonie Club. Bagels, lox, and champagne? Yes please.

New York Comittee and Robert Landes
Although the walk is a positive day and based on hope, there were definitely tears when Becca's video was played. Many of Ali's friends have become involved in the planning and execution of the walk. My sorority sister Becca is one of them.

Becca winning the purple shoe award.
I was having a pretty good time so I ended up staying much longer than I had planned. I never sit through raffles, especially when I haven't purchased any raffle tickets.

Matt Landes announcing the raffle winners.
Pretty cute, no?
I was having fun finding out what everyone had been up to since 2009 (I really have been MIA for a while.) 

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