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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ASR9s Drop Just in Time for August Trail Running*

On Friday, Olivia from Lovely At Your Side asked, "Allie, which brand of sneakers (in a moderate price range) do you recommend for running? My New Balance's broke (for the second time in my life!), and I'd like to not have that happen again! Thanks, girl!"

I wear Brooks running shoes and I am currently wearing Adrenaline 11s and Ghosts 4s for road. There's a sale going on right now so if you have the right sized feet, go snap up some discount sneakers!

I'm also a Brooks wear tester. The ASR 9s finally hit the website almost a year after I got my first pair in the mail. I'll let you in on a secret. They're already designing the 10s. I have wear tested two pairs of ASR 9s and I like them. I've run a trail race in them, completed a 20 mile road and trail long run in them, and sometimes wear them for road runs if it's raining. The pairs I tested were a lot more blue than black, but I am a fan of the finished product. If you wear Adrenalines for road and you are looking for a hybrid shoe, I definitely recommend these.

If you own the new ASR 9s or if you are an ASR 8 wearer, I'd love to pick your brain on how they handle technical trail.

*Not as exciting as the Air Jordan 7 Olympic that dropped last Saturday. There was a line around the block at Foot Locker in Herald Square.

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