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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marathon Training?

Last Monday I finally went for a long run. It occurred to me that I have a few marathons this fall and that I should I probably train for them.

Knowing that I had an important job interview the next day (still waiting to see if I made the second round), I took off for Central Park. I even gave my Garmin enough time to locate its satellites before leaving.

It was really hot out and I haven't been for a run in a long time. I brought a bottle of water but also realized I hadn't really eaten all day. I just don't feel that hungry anymore and then I eat a bunch of junk at night. I decided to focus less on my performance and use the run to get outside of my head for a while.

the hill
My face after getting up the first Harlem Hill and seeing this piece of work.
You've got to be kidding me...
Yeah, I scored these Zog Sports shades at Governors Ball.
It didn't really work that way. Instead I was entirely in my head, planning the many different ways I might one day run into the most recent ex. I've put a lot of thought into this (hello 9 miles!) and I still can't decide if I actually miss him, or if I'm struggling to comprehend how someone could dump me and then not drunk dial me for an entire month. Yes. An entire month. This guy either has the greatest restraint of all time, or he hates me. As more time passes, I think it's the latter. And that's what bothers me so much. What did I do to him? For years I have been able to take responsibility for the failure of my relationships. I'd have broken up with myself to be honest. But this is eating at me. I've never believed it when people claim, "It's not you, it's me," but maybe this time it was him?

The benefit of obsessively plotting out future encounters (which will never happen because I can't imagine ever having a reason to visit the areas he frequents) is that I added distance to my run. I had entered the park at 84th near the Met and made a counterclockwise loop. When I got to the east side of the 79th traverse, I made a left for an additional Columbus Circle loop. I hit 9 miles after exiting the park and running back down 5th towards 82nd Street.

9 miles.
It was a good run, made better by my newer pair of Adrenaline 11s. Long runs suck in shoes with no cushioning. I'm over the barefoot running movement. I just wish I had remembered to get dinner before leaving for the run because I definitely bonked while figuring out what to eat.
Just a little delirious.

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