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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bikram Yoga Herald Square

I like to share my love of fitness with my coworkers and I am now the most popular person on the NYCActivities listserv because of the email I sent below. I'm super excited about Bikram Yoga Herald Square and encourage my readers to go there if the location is convenient for you.

Good morning New York!

I recently purchased a Gilt offer for Bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga Herald Square, which is a new location at 139 W 35th Street (between 7th and Broadway). I stopped by the studio for a tour and was really impressed by what I saw.

For those who have attended a Bikram yoga class, you may be used to cramped spaces that smell like wet dog and locker rooms with a barely working shower. This studio is the largest in New York and it has a spacious waiting area to check-in and leave your shoes. There are 5 showers in each locker room and multiple bathrooms. Towels and mats are free of charge (?!) and lockers are available for free as well. What really sold me on Bikram Yoga Herald Square is the lack of carpet. The check-in area has astro-turf (it’s cute once you see it) and the studio floors are made of a synthetic material to fight odor and mold growth. Finally, Bikram for germaphobes!

The Gilt deal is no longer available but I met with the owners, Elizabeth and her son Gregory. They said they would be happy to honor the Gilt offer prices if you said you work with me.
·         $49 for 5 classes
·         $95 for 10 classes
·         $47 for unlimited classes for 30 days

I will be starting my 30 days of unlimited classes in February if anyone wants to join me. In case you’re wondering, I’m not receiving any compensation for sharing this offer. I just really appreciate clean workout spaces and I want this studio to succeed.

The schedule is below.

Have a great day!



  1. I am in! - Mrs. Professor.

  2. I'm psyched! It's right near work and it is beautiful. It's nothing like the one on the Upper East Side.


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