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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 2 of Whole 30 and Weight Loss Wednesday 1.9.13

Day 2 of Whole30 started off with a breakfast of 6 strips of bacons and 2 fried eggs. And this is a diet?

I took pictures for Weight Loss Wednesday and weighed myself. As per the Whole30 instructions, I will have to stop using my scale. I decided to weigh myself today instead of Monday because I always weigh myself on Wednesdays because I like consistency. For the next 30 days, you will only get my fat kid photos.

144.2 lbs
27.3 % body fat
I weighed myself during the holiday break and I weighed 150 lbs. I weighed myself last Saturday morning after binge drinking and eating Chinese food and weighed 148 lbs (I was just curious.) So this sudden weight loss either has to do with no bread and no rice, or the fact that I couldn't keep my dinner down last night. I guess we'll find out in a month.

My Wednesday schedule just changed and I will be working from home in the mornings. I have a weekly doctor's appointment at 11:15 AM that conveniently leaves me in Columbus Circle for 12:30 PM TranscendCycle with Daryl Gaines. The class is really popular and everyone loves him. I'll admit, there hasn't been an instructor I've wanted to like me as much as I'd like Daryl to like me since Yves. I'm not sure if I found his class difficult today because of my run last night, my crappy night's rest, or what, but I'm convinced I should have rocked it. Now I have to go every week to prove that I'm the best.

I ran into two of my high school friends in the locker room who were going to 1:30 yoga. I yelled, "You're busted" because I saw them at the gym when one said she was unable to attend 12:30 spin. Turns out I really freaked her out because she was hiding from her boss who was also in the locker room. Sorry girl! I hope you enjoyed Warrior Flow!

I felt incredible lightheaded on my way into the office and was overcome for the need for fruit. Is this because my blood sugar was low? Someone who reads this blog must know the answer so pipe up please. I made a quick fruit salad at the deli down the street (yes, I know that this fruit is neither local, farm fresh, or organic - shoot me), grabbed a coconut water, and headed into work. I inhaled the fruit and my coconut water at my desk before going to heat up my steak and asparagus.

This is not cute.

I think I am going to Target and pick up these Room Essentials® Chevron Melamine plates and cereal bowls so I can experience fine dining at work. Only $6.99! It's okay. I don't mind if you copy me.

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